Student-Inspired Optimal Design of Online Learning for Generation Z

We at OUA love to read current research and this article and supporting study caught our eyes. ‘Optimal Design’ is a phrase  you don’t see very often, but many of the points made by the author are clear and evident in our own students. We hope this type of information provides value to you, your children, your students and parents.
This article identifies factors that help Generation Z students succeed in a fully online learning environment for communication skills. Out of a diverse number of learner characteristics, the learners’ home institutions significantly impacted their preference for instructional delivery modality. The participants described a flexible schedule and instant access as the best features of a fully online course, but they demanded more real-time interactions with teachers and peers, multimedia resources, and a variety of apps. Last, the participants indicated that metacognitive and thinking skills are key to succeeding in a fully online course. Detailed suggestions are made at the end to optimize fully online courses for Generation Z students.
Yu, Eunjyu
Journal of Educators Online, v17 n1 Jan 2020

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