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Oregon State University

Oregon State University is a fun and popular school that many students attend because of its beautiful campus and exceptional education. Fortunately, now more students than ever have gained access to Oregon State University thanks to their online degree programs. Currently, Oregon State University offers over 70 online degree programs, making it the perfect stop for many students whether you want to get your undergraduate degree or enter a graduate program.

Though most online universities offer the same collection of online degrees, Oregon State University is already looking towards a bigger picture. They envision a world where all kinds of exciting degrees are accessible from the comfort of your own home, and are proud to offer some more obscure degrees because of it. Zoology, Botany, and Medical Humanities are some of their more unique degrees, and they are adding to the list as more time passes.

Currently, the Oregon State eCampus is ranked in the top ten for top online campuses. This is their sixth year of winning this kind of credit, and it is a testament to the experience that their students can enjoy. One of the best parts of this university is that they let you preview online learning through their institution. With their simple tour, you can explore what your online experience will be like. It is an excellent way to determine if Oregon State University is a good fit for you. They are one of the few existing universities that offer this kind of insight, making it clear that they want students to know in advance what they have to offer.

Degree Programs Offered: Business Analytics, Anthropology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Environmental Sciences, Food in Culture and Social Justice, and more.

School Address
Oregon State University

1701 SW Western Boulevard

Corvallis, OR 97333

  • Year of Establishment: 1868
  • Accreditation Status: Accredited
  • Student Body Size: 24,921




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