Online Teaching Skills and Competencies

We at OUA strive to bring advice and knowledge about the changes in the high school and post-secondary education environments. Part of our  mission that has been brought to the forefront is to help teachers become more aware, proficient and comfortable teaching their chosen subjects through an online channel. The study below highlights a few of the skills new online teachers will likely need to educate themselves on.
This paper sheds light on the skills and competencies required for teaching online courses in higher education. The paper started with an overview of the issues related to online learning and teaching. Reviewing and analyzing literature in this topic were performed to confine skills and competencies that instructors need to effectively teach in online learning environments. These skills and competencies are classified into six categories: (a) pedagogical skills, (b) content skills, (c) design skills, (d) technological skills, (e) management and institutional skills, and (f) social and communication skills.
Albrahim, Fatimah A.
Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology - TOJET, v19 n1 p9-20 Jan 2020

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