Online MBA Programs for Increased Career Choices

For many MBA aspirants, the dream of earning this prestigious degree remains unrealized. The reasons are many – the high tuition fee that most MBA programs have, the inability to juggle a full time job with school, the responsibilities that make attending school impossible. The reason could be any of these, but the solution is one – online MBA programs.

For many, getting an online MBA degree is a lot more preferable than enrolling in a bricks and mortar school to earn one. And if you are among those who question the quality and acceptability of online education, just consider the following facts:

• Over 4.6 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall term of 2008.

• This was a 17 percent increase over the number of students who were taking an online course in 2007 fall term.

• Compared to this extraordinary growth in online enrollment, the overall increase in the number of students pursuing higher education was just 1.2 percent for the same period.

The data released by Sloan Consortium, an organization dedicated to quality online education, in its report on online education in the U.S. in 2009 speaks for itself. Online education has carved a permanent place for itself in our educational system.

As technology advances, our dependence on it for effective delivery of education is only going to increase. Modern-day academic and corporate supervisors are not blind to this reality, which means the acceptability of online degrees is also going to grow. So, if your aim is to walk the power corridors of a business, brighten your chances of getting there by enrolling in a distance learning MBA.

From general MBA degrees that focus on all aspects of business to more specialized ones – candidates can take their pick per their academic goals and career aspirations. Two of the most popular are the MBA in General Business and the MBA in Healthcare Administration. The former is broader in scope, and its emphasis is on imparting to students not only the necessary theoretical knowledge of various business functions like accounting, finance, economics, marketing, etc., but also to prepare them for leadership roles by training them in communication, decision-making, business strategy, and critical thinking skills.

These business-savvy graduates enjoy excellent job prospects across all industries and choose a functional area based on their interest and abilities. For example, someone who has excellent number crunching skills and analytical ability are likely to find success in the field of finance or accounting, while those who excel at communication may flourish in marketing.

The focus of the MBA in Healthcare Administration program is to provide business skills that can be applied in a healthcare environment. Consequently, such a degree includes courses on not just business fields like accounting, management, economics, information systems, etc., but also on various non-clinical aspects of healthcare.

Graduates of this program are sought after by hospitals, medical offices and other healthcare facilities to manage and run operations of an entire facility or a department within a facility. They are the ones who look after the business and administrative side of healthcare and ensure that the primary care providers can focus on their job.

Ultimately, any online MBA degree program you choose has the potential to send your career on an upswing, provided you stay committed, diligent, and motivated to work hard and complete your degree.

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