Get Online College Degrees In Criminal Justice

Online College Jobs For Students

Criminal justice majors may land jobs in police departments, law firms, homeland security or a court room. It’s one of many online college degrees that provides a wide base to start building your career. A good criminal justice career at an accredited college will prepare you for any number of careers. Someone with a background in criminal justice could become a probation or parole officer. Probation officers keep track of offenders who are out of prison or on probation. They help the clients get the education, counseling and jobs that will assist them in staying out of trouble and blending into society. Strong communication skills are needed in this field, as officers write reports about clients and present them to judges.

Most probation and parole officers work for state or federal governments. Officers can earn an annual salary up to $28,000. Criminal justice degrees cover the basics of law, crime and public policy. Many students use this degree to go on to law school. Criminal justice is an excellent foundation for a career in criminal law. Perhaps you could be the next district attorney or high profile defense attorney.

You don’t have to go to a traditional university to get your degree. With the accessibility of the Internet, taking college classes online is as available as your local library. You can apply and then attend classes right from a computer. Most online colleges require you have a high school diploma or a GED. If you don’t, you can also earn those online.

Convenience! That’s the biggest plus for students interested in a criminal justice degree online. You take classes that fit your schedule. An online college’s curriculum may be the same as that of a traditional university; however, everything is offered on the web. You can take exams, discuss assignments and view lectures over the Internet. There’s no need to sit in a classroom.

If you doubt you can afford to go to college, there are millions of dollars available in grants, scholarships and loans. The US government is the biggest source of this financial aid. There are even scholarships for students who specifically want to study criminal justice. Many of these scholarships are awarded by police and law enforcement groups. If you are interested in finding out about scholarships, there are websites that will match you with awards that fit your qualifications.

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