Devry University

Devry University

Devry University is one of the more well-known online universities that currently exists. It has been around for a while longer than many other universities in the online space. Though it does offer more than 45 physical locations around the country, their online campus is quickly becoming a more popular space for students who are looking to improve their lives with a new degree.

Historically, Devry University has been given some trouble from the general population. In a world before online degrees were common where other universities held control over the right to education, many people simply did not take it seriously despite its accredited status. Now that more educational institutions are opening up, Devry University has become one of the more accessible online universities. They are proud to offer a flexible education plan that is perfect no matter what your schedule looks like.

Devry University is a modern university that makes learning easy. Unlike other online universities that tend to rely on websites, Devry University has a complete app for all of their coursework. This means that you can study on your phone and even attend a class on your tablet at a local coffee shop. This accessibility makes it easy to rely on and doesn’t require you to invest in all kinds of new technology to make it possible.

With Devry University, you can gain access to a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs. This makes it easy for you to choose an appropriate career path and strive to improve yourself. Everything from information technology to graphic and multimedia design is made available for their students.

Degree Programs Offered: Business, Technology, Health, Liberal Arts, Media Arts, and more.

School Address School Facts
Devry University

1200 E Diehl Road

Naperville, IL 60563

  • Year of Establishment: 1981
  • Accreditation Status: Accredited
  • Student Body Size: 25,235

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