Online University Advice Guides Parents and Students with Distance Learning

A little shameless plug., 5/04/2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (May 03, 2020) – In the present situation, many countries have announced a complete lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But,... Read more »

my online school morning routine (in quarantine) *PRODUCTIVE*

heyyoooo welcome to my quarantined online college student morning school routine!! its been a while since we have done a morning routine, so I hope that you all love it!! i actually... Read more »

More Tips for Online Success from ASU

In this short video, tips for online university success from actual Arizona State University Online students are illustrated in a fun and informative animation. It’s a great video to place in the... Read more »

Supporting High Quality Teaching in Online Programs

Santelli, Beverly; Stewart, Kendra; Mandernach, Jean Journal of Educators Online, v17 n1 Jan 2020 Summary The increasing popularity of standardized online course design mandates that administrators and course designers understand faculty and... Read more »

Are Universities Ready to Recognize Open Online Learning?

Online learning in post-secondary education has been gaining momentum for the last few years. Events in 2020 have greatly expedited the acceptance of distance learning and online education, but are traditional schools... Read more »

Online Teaching Skills and Competencies

We at OUA strive to bring advice and knowledge about the changes in the high school and post-secondary education environments. Part of our  mission that has been brought to the forefront is... Read more »

Student-Inspired Optimal Design of Online Learning for Generation Z

We at OUA love to read current research and this article and supporting study caught our eyes. ‘Optimal Design’ is a phrase  you don’t see very often, but many of the points... Read more »
Online Education Is Here To Stay

Studies Show Online Education Facilitates Better Learning

Findings of a recent research conducted by the United States Education Department has found that on average, online education leads to better learning. Students are performing better during online courses than during... Read more »

How To Land Great Online Jobs For Teachers

Now that online colleges are becoming a core pillar of the education system, there are more openings than ever before for online jobs for teachers. In the same way that online college... Read more »

Quarantine creates new opportunities for video makers, according to a Butter Works report Read more »