Ashford University

Ashford University

Ashford University is an online university that aims to bring a complete educational experience to the comfort of your own home. This dedicated university was designed to bring undergraduate and graduate programs to students in an easy to use online platform that makes it possible for students from all over to get a high-quality education. Compared to many other online universities, this is the one that has a distinctly student-friendly and approachable feel.

If there is one thing that Ashford University should be known for, it is the Ashford Promise. The Ashford Promise is a commitment to students that they can try their first course for up to three weeks as a trial. If you do not find that the class is your perfect fit, the university will not hold you responsible for any tuition costs. This makes it incredibly easy for you to try before you buy.

In addition to the Ashford Promise, Ashford University is also proud to offer the Ashford Week. At this unique online university, the school week starts on Tuesdays, making it easier for students who work the weekends to get ahead. Their courses are broken down into easy to manage commitments that accommodate a busy schedule.

Ashford University is also proud to offer a variety of benefits for prior and existing military service members. This university offers a wide range of grants and benefits designed to help veterans, servicemembers, and their spouses. With this group, you can enjoy a variety of helpful perks that make getting an online degree easy and affordable.

Degree Programs Offered: Accounting and Finance, Business, Education, Health Care, Political Science, Social and Behavioral Science, Liberal Arts, and more.

School Address School Facts
Ashford University

8620 Spectrum Center Boulevard

San Diego, CA 92123

  • Year of Establishment: 2005
  • Accreditation Status: Accredited
  • Student Body Size: 34,710


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