7 Ways to Keep Calm in Stressful Times

7 Ways To Keep Calm

Techniques to apply when you find yourself face-to-face with a stressful situation

Keeping calm and managing your stress while preparing for a new school year can be a challenge for any student. In today’s special circumstances, and added complication of online learning, that stress can be multiplied and negatively affect a student’s school and home life.

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We’ve discovered, from our friends at Open Rose Meditation, seven simple ways each of us can take action today to reduce the stress in our life. I hope everyone can adopt a few of these seven techniques and benefit, as we  have.

1. Plan Ahead
Implementing simple ‘If X happens, I’ll do Y” strategies, using a simple journal, can help you face challenges when they arise

2. Focus on Breathing
Practicing deep, slow and controlled breathing when you feel anxious can help you return to the present moment and lower your stress level.

3. Exercise
Physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins. Research has found that just 40 minutes of light exercise is enough to dramatically improve your mood.

4. Stop Asking ‘What If?’
The more time you spend worrying about the endless possible outcomes, the longer you will spend fixating on feeling uncomfortable. Try to accept that some questions simply wont have an answer, and that’s OK.

5. Focus on The Positives
A tactical way to keep calm when stress builds is to keep a Go-To Great List of positives in your life in mind, that you can immediately recall to shift your attention when your thoughts turn negative. This will not only boost your mood, but remind you of everything you can be grateful for.

6. Stop Negative Self-Talk
Identifying and acknowledging any negative thoughts about your self are just that – thoughts, and not facts, can help release you into a state of calm confidence.

7. Forgive
Nobody is perfect. Holding onto resentment, either towards yourself or others, will only add to your stress, worry and fear. By learning to acknowledge negativity and releasing yourself from it, will enable you to move forward with a clearer head and lighter heart.

Bonus: Meditate
Meditation is basically the process of bringing peace and calmness in life. Meditation does not mean that you will have to sit for 4 to 5 hours, compromising other essential everyday jobs. You can start with a few quiet minutes, without distraction or interruptions. Listen to calming music and try to empty your mind of any negative thoughts or worries and let your body relax. Once you get into the habit, start adding guided meditation to focus your skills and enjoy the benefits of meditation on your time in school and for years afterward.


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