5 Online College Summer Courses That Will Make You Want To Apply Immediately

Intro to astronomy

Though some students use summer as a time to decompress and recover from the school year, others see it as an opportunity. Taking online college summer courses can be a great way to get ahead on your degree plan. You can choose an ‘instructor-paced’ or ‘self-paced’ course, based on your summer schedule. You might want to catch up after a long year, or even just pursue something that you are passionate about. Online colleges can help you to find a fulfilling career.  Whatever your reason may be, finding the right online summer college courses can be the difference between attending and not attending. Knowing this, we wanted to bring together a few amazing online college summer courses for 2020. They that make it easy for you to learn outside while soaking up that summer sunshine!

Introduction to Astronomy

Do you love staring up at the stars at night? In this amazing online summer course, you can learn all about how the stars and planets work with this amazing introductory class. Not only is this a great way to boost your space knowledge, but it is a ton of fun. The University of Illinois is even happy to offer this class to non-students as well as existing students.

Body Mind & Health: Historical Perspectives for Future Professionals

Did you know that Cornell, the infamous Ivy League University, offers online summer courses for high school students who are looking to get a jump on their education? Cornell’s pre-college studies are home to a variety of different classes. In this course, you can learn all about the medical field and what has changed it over the years!

Film and Television: Introductory Screenwriting

The University of California Los Angeles has been a valued university for years now. Their online summer programs offer you a chance at a complete UCLA education whether you are a student or not. In this class, you can learn how to write a captivating script that will impress any audience!

Cultures of Sustainability and Social Justice

Are you a proud defender of social justice looking to learn more about the way that society views its citizens? In this amazing course, you can learn all about empowerment, economic security, and the concept of social well-being. See what decisions have shaped the world and how we can sculpt a brighter future!

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Brown University is a renowned institution that is happy to offer online college courses to high school students looking to further advance themselves. In this course, you will learn everything that there is to know about anthropology throughout the ages as well as how its procedures are carried out.


Online college summer courses are great whether you simply want to learn something new or you need to bring in some extra credit hours. Plenty of wonderful online colleges and universities are proudly offering a wide range of exciting content that make it easy to learn from home. Take something fun or something advanced. The choice is yours, and there are plenty of great options to choose from!

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