Online College Requirements: 10 Must-Haves

Supplies for Online Education

The start of a new school year always means one thing: school supply shopping. When the new semester rolls around, it means that it is time to get the supplies that you need to succeed in your new classes. Depending on what your major is, this might look a little different for everyone. Attending an online college class is also a unique circumstance that requires its own tools, which is why we brought together this quick list of helpful items to prepare for your online semester. Your school might have specific online college requirements, but these helpful tools will get you ready to study hard!

A Laptop (The Biggest Online College Requirement)

In order to attend online college courses, you are going to need a computer. This is universal among online college requirements. A laptop gives you the versatility of learning from any location instead of leaving you strapped to your desk. You might enjoy listening to a lecture out in the backyard when it gets warm. With a laptop, this is completely possible.

Notebooks (Yes, Even In Online College)

When those teachers start talking, you better be ready to start taking good notes. This is why you cannot miss out on purchasing a few helpful notebooks or binders to make sure that you are ready to take notes and get the most out of your commitment to studies.

A Tablet

Though you might not attend all of your classes on a tablet, the fact remains that tablets come with a wide range of helpful tools that make it possible for you to get that much more out of your education. Whether it is using digital notebooks, writing papers, reading textbooks, or using third-party apps to study, tablets have a wide range of uses in the world of academics.


When it comes to organizing notes and managing studying, there are few things that are more effective than highlighters. Highlighters make it easy for you to color-code your notes and really make the things that you need to remember stand out.


Learning from home can come with a wide range of distractions, which is why it is not surprising that people need a way to block them out. Whether it is tuning out your barking dog or making sure that you can’t hear your roommate playing video games all day, headphones are an invaluable tool for online learners.

Cloud Storage (Keep Those Online College Materials Safe!)

Online college courses have a tendency to use exclusive digital materials. While this is a great thing, it can take up a ton of storage on a computer. Make sure that you are prepared to store the notes, slides, videos, documents, and other course materials in the cloud by purchasing plenty of storage to hold it all.

A PDF Editor

PDF editors are so important for writing professionally and academically. Not only do they give you an easy way to customize notes provided by professors, but they also work wonders for editing papers. Many online courses are paper-heavy. Using a good PDF editor is a great way to catch those pesky typos.

Microsoft Office

Succeeding in online courses means being able to easily produce materials made using standard formatting. For years now, Microsoft Office has set the standards for the files and materials that the majority of us use. Invest in Microsoft Office or a comparable equivalent so you won’t have any problems when it comes time to submit your assignments.

A Good Planner The Ultimate

When you attend school in person, your schedule is much easier to keep track of because you are physically present. However, online schooling places a special emphasis on you being able to manage your own time and schedule. Using a good planner can help you to manage your schedule, your assignments, and your study time.

A Desk and Chair

Attending school at home means that you will be in charge of making your own classroom. Take the time to find a good desk and comfortable chair. Since you will spend plenty of time there, it is more important than ever to have a good set up.

Conclusion: Online College Requirements Vary

In many ways, preparing for your online college class is just like preparing for any other kind of school. Whether you are looking to learn computer science or any other kind of material, it is all about making sure that you have the right tools to help you succeed. Take the time to find your specific online college requirements, and then make sure that you have what you will need to manage all of the information.

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